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Over past years Zirku International Technology System consultants have built a highly effective and successful Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) that has been used to develop and train new and un-competent employees for many industries.

Zirku International Technology System has developed a unique approach to all ISO standards Certification by effectively reducing the dependence on paper work. Our qualified consultants combine the task of preparing the manuals and undertaking the Assessment at the same time. In addition, our effective method uses powerful and specific IT software to accelerate the implementation process.

The major benefit that ISO 9000 Certification brings to most businesses is a significant competitive edge over their rivals. As business becomes ever more competitive, ISO 9000 can be a cost-effective way for you to demonstrate to your customers that quality assurance is of paramount importance to your company.

Zirku International Technology System with its experience of assisting a large number of companies towards ISO14001 certification is able to assist with the design and implementation of a certifiable Environmental Management System. Zirku is also keen to point out ways that cleaner production processes can help improve the profitability of its clients.

Benefits of implementing an Environmental Management System include:
Possible reduction in insurance premiums
Environmental issues are addressed before they become a problem
Meeting legislative requirements and enlisting community support
Being a highly visible marketing tool
Providing a "Green" corporate image
Targeting and reducing waste
Minimizing waste and pollution control costs
Cleaner production
Improved profitability

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