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Zirku International Technology with Micro Smart Systems(Our Strategic Partner) has a fully integrated management system, the e-Enterprise Integrated Management System is the culmination of over 5 years of Research and Development. Designed and built by Quality and Management Professionals for Quality and Management Professionals.

Its primary function is integration of quality and management operations with human resource, finance and accounting and any technical systems into a user friendly, efficient, value adding management tool.

UNIQUELY DESIGNED AND ULTIMATELY FLEXIBLE, this system is totally customizable. ‎Unlike other systems on the market, the e-Enterprise Integrated Management System adapts to each organizations corporate structure, while still maintaining and enhancing compliance to such international standards such as, ISO9000:2000, ISO17025, ISO14001 and the Automotive Industry Standard ISO/TS16949.

The system is divided into 17 modules as follow:

1. Security Management and Access Control
2. Strategic Business Planning Framework
3. Information Technology Infrastructure Library Framework (ITIL)
4. Process Management Automation Framework
5. ISO Compliance Index
6. Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS®)
7. Knowledge Management System (KnowledgeFirst®)
8. Customer Relationship Management
9. Accounting & Finance
10. Assets Management System
11. Laboratory Information Management System (MicroLIMS®)
12. Human Resources Enterprise
13. Supply Chain and Warehousing
14. e-Archiving and Document Control
15. Smart Search and Translation Engine
16. Report Maker Tool (M-report®)
17. Encrypted Messaging System (MicroCode®)

Each module may be implemented separately or as a total system to strengthen and enhance any organization's management systems and add to the competitive advantage it seeks.

By maintaining the way a company currently does business, it allows for fast integration of the e-Enterprise Integrated Management System into any company while allowing it to develop a greatly more efficient and value added ‎management system later through continuous improvement cycles.


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