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Over past years Zirku International Technology System consultants have built a highly effective and successful Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) that has been used to develop and train new and un-competent employees for many industries.

Our client's main objective is recruitment and development of new employees to perform jobs at highest competency standards. This results in permanently lowering operating costs and makes sustainable, and long-term contributions to the growth of the host country.

Through this process, Zirku International Technology System qualified consultants have the ability and capability to assure our clients that each employee is trained to meet the competencies specified in the approved competency model for the job. The process can also be used to identify competency gaps of experienced employees and define custom training programs for each individual to eliminate any deficiencies.

The result of effective competency mapping and management will enable our partners to develop and design internal control processes and ensure that employees have the required skills, knowledge and experience to perform their duties competently in their particular work environment.

Competence Profiling
Constructing Standards
Assessment Services
Human Resource Linkages

Zirku International Technology System and its strategic partners have developed and introduced a variety of training courses and programs (in-house only) that suit every organization needs and requirements. For example, there are essential safety competencies that are required for all staff working in operational areas;
Fire fighting and damage control basics
Helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) and sea survival (offshore)
First aid basics
Chemical decontamination basics
Basic offshore safety & emergency training
Offshore safety induction ….now normally the STCW95 BST course.

We also have training programs in environment, quality, occupational health, engineering, leadership and management and IT systems.

Please contract our office for a complete list of our available programs and courses.

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